Home Improvement: Awnings For Your Home

An awning is a canopy made of canvas or other material to shelter people or things from inclement weather conditions, rain or shine. Awnings were very popular in the 20’s. You’ll see pictures of many homes from that time that had awnings covering each window and over a porch. This was before the era of air conditioning when keeping a house cool was difficult. One way to do this was to put awnings up over windows to keep the strong sunlight out.

Today’s homeowners are seeking awnings in order to enjoy life outside. New and more durable synthetic fabrics have made the use of awnings more popular and they are far from only protective devices now. Today’s awnings offer beauty and decoration to a home. They are available in a wide variety of colors and styles. Awnings offer shade to an outside dining area and keep the rain off when you’re entering a home.

One very popular type of awning is the retractable awning. These modern devices are motorized and can be extended with the push of a finger over any sized patio area to offer shade and protection. When these awnings are closed they retract into an attractive hood that is out of the way.

Then, there’s the original use of awnings to shade individual windows in a home, or to shade a porch area. These shades can help to cool the temperature inside your home which in turn saves on the air conditioning costs. It gives added privacy to your home, and with a limitless array of colors and fabrics can add beauty to your home.

A very popular awning material is now the Sunbrella material. The Sunbrella fabric color is during the manufacture of the fabric “locked in” and the color becomes an integral part of the fiber. Sunbrella fabrics are guaranteed for five years. They will not stretch or fade and are mildew resistant. Sunsure is another textile used in making awnings. It is mildew, rot, and UV resistant. Most awnings are generally easy to care for . They need to be kept clean with a rinse of water and mild soap, such as Ivory Flakes.

How To Choose Awnings For Your Home or Business

Before, awnings just served as protection from the sun and rain for houses. But now, awnings are included as part of a house’s or building’s architecture not only for its primary purpose, but also to add charm and create a statement.

If you are still unconvinced about the architectural beauty of awnings, you might want to have them installed for the following reasons:

* It protects the window frames from the rain, sun and snow. Most window frames and windowpanes are made of wood. We all know how wood responds to environmental changes. Even with sufficient wood coating and polish, wood deteriorates faster when exposed to the harshness of the weather conditions.

* Your house may have a porch or a patio and you have some furniture there, where you relax as you read a book or have a cup of coffee with your friends. Such furniture, regardless of the material, wears out faster when exposed to the sun and rain.

* When it’s raining, you normally keep your windows shut, blocking fresh air from coming in through the windows. If your house has awnings, during rain showers, you can keep your windows open and still prevent rainwater from getting in.

* When you are watching TV or using the computer, you usually have the windows shut, or the curtains or blinds down to reduce the glare. If awnings were fitted, you wouldn’t need to block natural light from the rest of the room since the awnings will reduce the glare on the monitors positioned near the windows.

* A major effect of having awnings, according to a study, is that it can reduce summer heat increase by 65% for windows facing south, and 77% for windows facing east and west.

So if you are now convinced that you would like your house or your building to have awnings, don’t just go out there and get one. There are things that you need to consider.

* Material

The most commonly used materials for awnings are outdoor fabric and aluminum. Those made of outdoor fabric come in a variety of color and shapes; however, these require more maintenance than aluminum ones.

Those made of aluminum are sturdy and require less maintenance. These awnings, however, have limited design and color options.

* Angle

It is recommended that for windows facing east or west, the size of the drop should be 65-75% for the best efficiency. For a window facing south, the drop can just be 45-60% since less coverage is needed, as the sun has a higher angle from this direction.

* Side panels

Side panels may alter the architectural feel of the awnings. Side panels are also beneficial in adding coverage in a different direction.

* Stationary, Retractable or Freestanding

Roll-up and retractable awnings allow you to permit the sun to shine into the house during winter.

Retractable awnings are also good for patios or decks. These awnings have a mechanism that allows it to be extended as far as necessary.

Retractable awnings can also have motors and switches for ease in retraction. Some also have sun and wind sensors to automate the retraction.

Retractable awnings are not for heavy rains, high winds and snow, though. So make sure these are properly protected from such weather conditions.

Freestanding awnings may also be used for patios, decks or terraces. Business establishments, as these also double as an advertisement, usually use these.

* Size

Small awnings are used for their decorative effect. If you would like to maximize the protective function of awnings, choose the bigger ones.

* Style

The most popular styles are traditional with closed sides, traditional with open sides, dome style, double bar standard, waterfall, quarter barrel, gable walkway and semi-circular entrance.

To check the most applicable style for your house design and the direction of your windows, consult an architect.

* Color

Apart from considering what color goes well with your house or establishment, if possible, choose a light-colored awning since it does not only block direct sunlight light other awnings, but this also reflects sunlight. By doing so, it lessens the amount of heat that comes in.

Also to minimize the heat that comes into the house, make sure that there is a gap between the side of the house and the top of the awning to prevent the heat on the awning to be transferred to the house.

Keep these tips in mind when consulting your architect while designing your house or business establishment.

What You Need to Know About Picking the Right Window Shutters for your Home

When you decide it’s time to upgrade your home, and you want to include a little elegance, consider the use of outdoor window shutters in Australia. Not just are they very appealing, they can potentially raise the value of your home. They can also include the curb appeal that you may have been trying to find and can even make your home appear to stick out from other houses in the community.

Your choices in window shutters

The three most typical materials that window shutters are made from are wood, aluminum, and vinyl. Depending upon your climate, finances, as well as your siding, you wish to think of and research the products you choose for your home. Installation can likewise depend on the material you buy.

For centuries, individuals have used wood shutters. Unlike Window blinds in Sydney , initially, they were utilised mainly for defence against animals, bugs, and weather condition. Placed on hinges so they might swing open or shut, they could be latched to stay in the picked position. They were easy to open for sunshine throughout the day and close during the night and night hours.

The majority of shutters now days are completely attached in the open position, without hinges, to the outdoors sides of the windows. They are simply for ornamental purposes. Wooden shutters might be way more than a few of the other types, but they are likewise much easier to change to colour of. Simply scrape and repaint in the chosen colour.

Vinyl window shutters

One of the most popular forms of shutters is vinyl shutters. Their popularity is because of lots of reasons. For instance, they tend to hold their colour longer than wood and are much lighter in weight. This makes installing them a lot easier. They likewise tend to be more economical, and for those that need to stay with a tight budget plan are a smart choice. Standing from a range, they are rather beautiful; however, if you need to get very near to them, they do appear like inexpensive plastic. Vinyl shutters that are moulded as one piece tend to be more resilient and last longer.


Aluminium window shutters

Progressively popular, aluminium shutters are seeing more usage. They are ending up being more expense reliable and their upkeep is being decreased making them more attractive to the house purchaser who doesn’t enjoy scraping and repainting extremely typically. They also come in many different ranges and design to match any house, and they are offered in hundreds of colours. For a truer colour, they are powder covered. This likewise keeps the paint no longer leading to the long-term charm. If you pick aluminium for your window shutters, scrutinise the service warranty to make sure that the paint is also covered.

No matter what style you are most brought in to, there makes sure to be a number of that would do well. There are the conventional louvred designs, raised panels, even board and batten and many others. A fast online search will make you knowledgeable about them rapidly. If you are searching for the ideal design for your house, they are out there. Many companies even make them by specific durations to enhance your home.

Whether you are opting to acquire shutters for design or performance either indoors or out, you make sure to find the perfect window shutters for your house. Make sure you examine around for the very best warranty for your window shutters.

Window Blind Shades Complement Your Interiors

Window blind shades provide the best remedy for protection from the hot, scorching sun when at office and at home. To suit your needs, there are many stores selling window blind shades; it is up to you to choose the type that best fit your room and décor. In fact, you find that some of the latest trends in window blind shades really do go well with your ultra modern interiors!

If you are looking for something sleek, then aluminum window blinds prove to be the best choice. They are smart and sleek mini-blinds that help keep out the heat. Aluminum blinds are found in various colors so you can choose according to the color of your interiors. They prove to be the best choice for adding a contemporary look to your room.

Cellular blind shades are considered the best choice for all windows as they have the best features of both shades and blinds. When lowered, they offer privacy with no loss of light so you can enjoy both the outside light, and have some privacy in your room. These shades too are available in various colors to match your room and window. If you want something that is energy efficient, then you should go in for pleated shades. They are found in both opaque and semi-opaque styles and help to add some texture and interest to all types of windows. You will find that they are the most affordable fabrics covering available in a variety of colors and textures to suit the décor of your home.

If you need something common for your home and office, then the piazza vertical blinds are the best choice for you. Here you find the beauty and texture of natural fabric in a fiberglass weave. Maintenance wise, these blinds are very easy-to-care for, flame-retardant and of course, beautiful to look at! Vinyl blinds are another form of blinds that are easy to care for; all that is needed to be done is an occasional cleaning using a soft detergent and sponge. They can be custom made to your specifications, and is flame resistant.

For more of fashion, it is better to use roller shades in your house. These blinds can be found in a wide range of fabrics and colors. To make it look more decorative, you can add some tassels, hems and pulls to the blinds that will bring your window alive. One of the favorites today is the Roman shade that looks and feels like drapery, but is actually a shade. You can choose between the tailored flat fold pleat and the casual looped pleat style of Roman shades. With these blinds, you get blinds that look like draperies, but only at a fraction of its cost.

If you are looking for something durable and stain resistant, then faux wood blinds are the blinds you should choose. These blinds do not warp even in high humidity places like the bathroom and kitchen. This is indeed the best alternative to real wooden blinds. But if needed, you can also opt for the natural hardwood blinds that can be used to give a contemporary look, and add warmth and beauty, to a room. These blinds are found in wood tones and decorator colors to suit your room décor. So you can see that the latest trends in window blind shades come in various designs and textures to complement your décor.